Channel Management Service: Taking Care Of Partnering With The Channel

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Like all relations, agreement and balance must be achieved. The longevity of business relations does not depend only on the financial aspect, although it can be argued that capitalism mainly depends on profit, and everything else is just casual. In an ideal world, there is such a thing as partner loyalty – channel partners, sticking to you even in difficult times, such as the recent economic downturn. Unfortunately, the real world can sustain so much self-sacrifice.

So, what can manufacturers or parent companies do to save and take care of the partnership? A channel management system is needed.

Create your brand

A significant part of the success of large companies from the Fortune 500 list is due to their bright and brilliant reputation. Despite the fact that successful brands shine and flicker like recently issued coins, most of them are not as tricky or as malleable. Not every case is the same, but some brands are no more than anecdotes from the past because of some incident or another.

Brands are the most important aspect of any marketing campaign. Only the logo reflects everything that relates to companies and channel partners who respect the brands that customers seek. Apple is one brand that people line up to buy every time they launch a product. This is one company that many resellers will be happy to introduce.

Open communication lines

Use every aspect to communicate directly with sales teams. If you have a problem or an issue, please contact him as soon as possible to avoid infection and infection by other channels. Feedback is important for growth and development, so ask channel partners to respond to products or new policies.


Offer appropriate incentives. Be that as it may, most of your partner channels rely on money or profit. The channel’s successful channel program contains an attractive, stimulating program to motivate the effectiveness of partner partners. Get a partner portal to automate the process and make transactions transparent to avoid unwanted surface problems, such as channel conflicts.

Increase in rewards

Create a reward system in which priority will belong to the highest-ranking partner through the channel. It’s hard to find partners through channels that fit into your organization, so when you find them, make sure they stick to you at the end, motivating them to increase their rewards and benefits over time.

In some cases, all that is required is confirmation of a job well done. For example, in Intel, they award awards to companies that excel other channels.

Provide a budget for marketing

To make money, you need to spend a little, and the same is right with the marketing of partner channels. Most or about 90 percent of marketing campaigns rely on the vendor. Although it would be nice if channel partners shared this burden, it’s not their job, and it really should not be. Marketing campaigns reflect what the brand wants to say, and what it has to say must come from the supplier itself. Provide marketing materials for partners through channels for display and integration on their site, but all content must come from the vendor.