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Our mission is to provide information for prospective and current
owners of dogs of all breeds.  No matter what your interest in dogs,
we strive to provide education; mentoring; articles about nutrition,
performance, health, legislation, Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, dog
shows, obedience training, performance events; all things dog.

The breeders listed here are Professional breeders of purebred health
tested dogs and puppies. Here you will find some of the best breeders of dogs for work, show, sport or as a wonderful loving pet as an addition to your family. These pages were created by and for the responsible breeders, mentors, and owners to promote health tested puppies or dogs and educate current or potential owners about their breed.

Health tested dogs make happy puppies and happy owners.  We vow as breeders to do our very best ensuring every puppy is placed in the most appropriate home. We screen our future puppy owners and join in contract; we know each and every one of our new puppy owners and will be a lifetime support. 


Experienced mentors are available to assist current and potential
owners and breeders about their specific breeds.  If you have a
question about your breed please feel free to contact our mentors.
However we do not offer veterinary or medical advice.

Health testing protocols are listed and information about CHIC, OFA,
and other testing is explained in the Health Testing Section.

We wish to educate all owners and prospective owners and will assist you with making the best decision for your family and lifestyle. You will learn why we do this health testing and what it will mean for you and your new puppy or dog. Always do your homework first by reading the information on the site.  Then feel free to contact a mentor or breeder.  Deciding on a new family member should be a carefully considered decision and a great experience for your entire family.



This page was designed for awareness and education purposes on breed and breeder betterment, you will not find breeders here that support HSUS or PETA type groups. We will support local rescue, fosters and local shelters as individually we see fit.



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